Private sessions are focused on embodied aliveness which requires awakening from outdated ways of being and relating. Bringing clarity and understanding to our experience helps dissolve the physical-energetic blockages that limit and distort our life energy. We provide a safe space for clients to be fully awake and present to the full spectrum of their lives: Being real is being present to the truth our our own experience without rejection.

Private sessions are heart-oriented explorations focusing on self-understanding with awareness of body, breath, and the ways that our thoughts and feelings affect the way we live in our bodies . Particular attention is given to strengthening self-compassion and disengaging from the Inner Critic a.k.a. the Super-ego. 

Our aim is to support deepening contact with, and greater trust in the inherent transformative capacities of the human soul. Each one of us has the capacity for healing. With love, space, directness and understanding healing emerges of its own accord.

Initial 70 min session $145 U.S.

Ongoing 70 min sessions $120 U.S.

Book three sessions to avoid initial consult fee. $350 U.S.

Skype Sessions available or sessions are held in our in home office.  

Call (707) 362-5318 or email us.