Being Real

Our purpose is to facilitate presence and aliveness in individual lives. 

T Proctor guides individuals and groups online and locally to bring the courage, clarity, and heart needed to work through difficulties, traumas, and blockages to self-realization. Using the power of compassionate inquiry and acceptance as well as precise present moment contact, his focus is on more than simply resolving problems, but the capacity of each individual to rest deeply in the peace, wisdom, and contentment of being.  


Collected Writings

An archive of articles written by T Jonathon Proctor.

Videos & Audios

Collected Videos and Audios

Video and audio by T Jonathon Proctor

“After just one session with T, I felt like I had gone to new depths but had a new sense of safety – nothing felt overwhelming. And the whole session seemed to ebb and flow at a pace that I was setting, so pressure and expectation seemed to disappear. Incredible.”