“Sessions with T are the most empowering and transformational inner work I have done in my life so far, beyond any form of therapy. T skillfully guides you through the depths of your own soul with gentle, spacious presence and deep listening. The practice of embodied inquiry has tethered me to a deeper ground of reality and expansive sense of freedom, inner strength, and authenticity. “

“After just one session with T, I felt like I had gone to new depths but had a new sense of safety – nothing felt overwhelming. And the whole session seemed to ebb and flow at a pace that I was setting, so pressure and expectation seemed to disappear. Incredible.”

“I’ve had a lot of fear in my life about seeing myself and about opening the doors to what I’ve shut down or hidden away that was too difficult to hold. Sessions with T are the safe container to journey inward and learn about the possibilities of opening and being. “

“T helps me be present for myself in a real and meaningful way in the moment. It is the experience of being me that connects to my (the) spirit, and allows me to see all of me (the one) in a loving, non-judgmental way. I am grateful to be able to do this work.”

“The space between fear and growth. 

My biggest, sweetest, truest opportunities for growth have started and ended with the space between. For me, this is where T came into my journey. T has sat with me in that space between when I wasn’t able to sit there alone. Never pushing or judging my journey. Never having expectations or a planned course. This allowed me to proceed in a safe and gentle environment at my own pace and to walk my own path. T allowed me to witness my journey and when I was ready, dance in my space between.”

“When I started having sessions with T five plus years ago,  I couldn’t have guessed what an impact he would have on my life. T provides a compassionate and safe place to process life, from the traumatic to the mundane. Working with a curiosity and openness that is contagious, I am uncovering the rich depths and beauty of my own life and Being. 🙏 Thank You T😊”

“T is an exceptional teacher, mentor, friend and human. He has a wealth of communicable skill, understanding, intuition and wisdom. His interest in and dedication to his clients spans years, ensuring his reliability and dependability. I’ve come across a number of teachers but none yet have I seen embody their teachings as consistently and sincerely as T. Real transformation is possible. “