Being Real is a  synthesis of psycho-dynamics, bodywork, meditation, and self investigation.

A comprehensive approach to transformation. Offerings are grounded in real life experience. Authentic transformation must be reflected in our work, relationships, and the immense sea of our inner world. 

What our work is: 

We aim to provide safety, tools and guidance to those who wish to understand themselves and the deeper nature of reality. 

We respect and encourage the unique unfoldment of each individual and their growth toward full spiritual maturity.

We humbly share our experience, insight and understanding in hope that all of our clients have the greatest opportunity to realize their potential as awake, autonomous, human beings.

What our work isn’t:

We are not teaching arcane spiritual history, rites or dogmas.

We are not perfoming magical acts, secret practices, channeling spirits or worshiping artifacts. (That’s all fine, just not what we do : )